There are times that I think back to 3 years ago - I had no idea about what was going to happen in our lives and what would begin in six months time. We were coming off of the most epic roadtrip. Steele, myself, and Sahara had been together almost 24/7 for a little over four months. Trying at times - because hey oh, life, but absolutely the most amazing months of my life. 

Over the last few years, I've packed that version of myself away. I think there is a season we all go through in life were we pack it in. There is something that makes us take a step back and we have to find our way through. We have to put one step in front of the other to do all of the hard things. Where doing all of the hard things, we have less energy to do all of the life giving things (whatever that is for you). We hunker down into our winter season. Our season of making lists, of big emotions, of walking through the valleys. 

There is magic though there in the valleys - that magic is your people. Whatever you believe in (an entity, or the universe, or that we are just all connected by energy), there is something to be said about divine timing and the people that walk in (or out) of our lives during these. The people that come to walk hand in hand with you. The people that would normally just be a like on a Facebook post, or a nod in the hallway - they become the best make shift family you could ever dream of. Those people - those people are your people. They are magic. They are love.

And that magic, that love - it waits for you. It helps you move through your valleys. It waits for you on the other side in abundance. The hunkering down, the getting through - it is worth it. Our story is still being written - the story of the last 2.5 years. We are still navigating it. But that magic, that love, the end of winter - I can feel it. 

I know where my love lays. Where my magic is. I also know where my people are. And, nothing can take that away from me.