Travel Links Tuesday


I love reading & finding awesome links about adventure, the outdoors, and travel all over the internets. So here's a few of my favorite lately:

*Over at Never Ending Footsteps, Lauren breaks down her expenses of international travel for 2015. Pretty awesome that it comes in under 20,000$! 

*Kristen at Bearfoot Theory is currently on an epic roadtrip in New Zealand! Check out her latest post, and catch up on the others, for some great beta on traveling around the islands. PS- go check out her snaps too! (@Bearfoottheory) 

 *Southeast Asia is a place I want to check out & this looks like a sweet iternary. Found via Kam over at Campfire Chic

* And lastly, just in case you thought it was cold where you were this weekend! Whiteface Mountain in NY reached -114° over the weekend.