Toddler Tips: Car Travel

Traveling in the car with little ones can be overwhelming to think about, but after living on the road for 4 months straight with a two year old - I feel like I'm becoming an expert on how to keep sanity intact for everyone! So I've put together a few tips below:


Some of our favorite items to use in the car:
*Melissa and Doug Reusable Sticker Pads - the vinyl stickers are also great to use in the bath!
*Fishing tackle box - repurposed into "Steele's Car Kit" thanks to the creativity of one of my besties - perfect for him to open and play with what I put inside by himself.
*Triangle crayons - yay for crayons that don't roll! now if they had the power to not be thrown across the car...
*DVD player & toddler headphones - I've had my Coby travel DVD player for over 5 years, and Steele has been using it for close to a year when we travel. He has put it through A LOT and it has been in extreme temperature changes in the car - and it's still working! The headphones have mixed reviews on Amazon, but I love them (and Steele does too)! I like that they have an extra cable and extra ear foam pieces in case either get lost or damaged, plus the storage bag is made of thick, wipeable material. I bought the headphones in an airport (maybe Atlanta) and they've made it through a lot of traveling with us. 


We spend a lot of time running energy out before embarking on long chunks of driving. Playgrounds are great for that - plus usually picnic tables for snack time and clean restrooms. Finding nice playgrounds is always one of the first priorities for me, and the easiest way to see photos and reviews is the use Kaboom's Map of Play. It also lets you update map with photos, reviews, and new playgrounds. Also, it looks like there is an iPhone app, but I have a different brand of phone so no knowledge on how well the app works.  If you use the app, feel free to comment on how it performs! 


Sometimes just taking time to walk through a cute area of a city/town. I get in "go-mode" at times and just. want. to. get. there! But, taking the time to take a stroll after a meal or coffee stop definitely helps with Steele handling long stretches of driving even better. 


Along with taking a walk-about, finding cool stops along the way is always fun! Two of my favorite websites/apps to use to find unique places and parks: Roadtrippers and Oh, Ranger!. Both are easy to use and have apps for both iPhone and Samsung. You can also sign up for the Roadtrippers newsletter, and it is one of the only newsletters I get in my email I actually read! So many random places I have found through it - like this place to stay outside of Joshua Tree.   

Hope this helps with planning roadtrips with the little(s) in tow! If you normally take kids on the road, what are your favorite tips?


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