Holi Fest

It's getting the time to plan our adventures again for the off season, & that's got me looking through all of our photos from this past winter. I'm planning a few short, photo heavy (because yay photos!) posts to document our past adventures.

Steele & I took a quick trip up to Spanish Fork, UT for the Holi Fest in March. We were living in Joshua Tree at the time, and I decided to drive up Friday. We camped a couple hours south in the Fishlake National Forest & spent some time in Beaver, UT also.

I had gone to Holi Fest a few years ago on a roadtrip with one of my best friends & had been looking forward to taking Steele. He was a bit hesitate at first at the sheer number of people; but after he figured out he got to dance & throw powder at people, he was loving it!

The Festival of Colors has expanded to multiple venues across the country & finds it's origin in India. The festival is also the general basis of the throwing of colors during color runs.

Some tips for bringing littles (or even yourself) to a Holi Fest:
*Your bag will get a quick search, but feel free to bring water & snacks. The lines move pretty if you forget an item and need to purchase something, but it's always nice to not spend time in line while fun is going on elsewhere.
*Noise cancelling headphones for little ears if you're getting close to the stage. There was plenty of area to spread out where Steele didn't need them, but it was nice to have them when we walked closer.
*Look up the specific venue & what they offer - Utah offered a kids' area that included open space to run around, a bounce house/slide, and was close to the water source (which ended up making a pond which was pretty cool for some free play). The temple also had free yoga, which you can see happening behind Steele in the "pond" photo.
*Bandana, sunglasses, Ergo, and wipes are great items to pack!
*Know that at some point you'll just be brown when the colors mix on you.
*Bring cash. The tables I visited to buy things were cash only, but there was an ATM available.
*Along the cash line, just pay for parking. We got there about 45 minutes early & the field we parked in was only $5 & right across the street. Perfect for us!
*Dirty clothes & dirty people: I wiped us both down with wipes (these Action Wipes = the best) and brushed our clothes off. We kept our clothes on this time since we heading straight to shower & cleaning the car was on the next day's agenda - any powder that got on the seats vacuumed right off. My hair is thick enough it takes a couple good washings to get all of the color out. Last time, we also changed clothes & placed them into bags back at the Jeep.

Anything else you want to know? Just leave questions in the comments! Can't wait to go back!

PS- The music is awesome