Snaps from Yosemite: El Cap Meadow

^pointing out the portaledge (to the left of the tallest tree) & thanks to Kaitlyn for the photo
^leaving our campsite this morning. day 5 of no shower for me calls for braids & lip gloss
^we met Tom Evans & got to watch Kevin & Tommy climbing. they were working on "route finding" ;) when we got there & will have to climb a little bit in the dark this evening to reach the ledge they will bivy at tonight. 3 more pitches & they should top out tomorrow at noon. 
^portaledges mid-photo
^steele & part of the crowd. steele also walked up to alex honnold & the big up crew & chatted them up (photos of that later!)
^the most curious coyote that hung out all day long
^sun setting on el cap. tomorrow's the day, yall!