Dawn Wall Goes Free!

We got to the Meadow before 10am, hoping for a noon topout. We came prepared to stay longer though, because (let's be real) normal climbing days sometimes run longer than planned, much less a wall that hasn't been freed. 
^Tom's set up. His patience & ability to articulate what was happening on the wall (to climbers & non-climbers) was fantastic & made the entire experience even better. 
^our set up for the two days. and, maybe the only picture of steele sitting down all day. he made friends with everyone & played with fitz for a good part of the morning
^for the two days we were there, Tommy & Kevin could be seen by the naked eye for most of the time. I'm not sure if this kiddo could actually see them but he would randomly point high on the wall and yell "climb". 
^Kaitlyn watching part of the last pitch from Tom's camera
^celebratory cookies (they were a combination of Tommy's & Kevin's favorites) that were passed out when Tommy topped out!
^ Tommy finished! Setting belay for Kevin
Dawn Wall is freed! Photographer hanging (Corey Richards, I think), Kevin & Tommy below him. 
^if you haven't read Tom Evan's El Cap Report blog ever, go read it! His coverage of this project is moving & watching him tear up when the guys succeed helped bring together a surreal moment for me. 

The entire day was spent watching a true show of determination towards huge goals. Watching Kevin reclimb the second pitch of the day so it would be clean. Watching Tommy just cruise through hard moves. Watching Kevin lead through the technical crux of the day. Watching Tommy & Kevin hug at the top. Those are the moments that will stick with me. 

The media in the Meadow had a hard time understanding that the climb was finished, even though Tommy was still below the photographer, and why was he belaying from there. Tom Evans explained it the best to the them- they are going to walk off this together. They had been in it for 5 years together & they were going to end it together.