celebrating 2014

*this post was started the second night of our drive towards Yosemite & finished a few days ago in Joshua Tree

Truth be told- when 2014 left, I was ready for it to be finished. That may have had something to do with moving even on the last day & doing a whole lot of it solo! But last night while I was driving with everyone else asleep in the Jeep, I realized it needed to celebrated. It was flipping awesome- even the whole budget cut/losing my job thing. I mean, look it set in to motion this roadtrip. 

So, here's a short recap of 2014 for my memory books later down the years.

*started it off right with my first lead after my plate removal from my elbow. I took a fall on the route & I think I was more proud of that than even leading again. I had a hard time previously pushing through on safe fall territory. 
*went up to my annual conference early & hung out with some wonderful friends. At that same conference, met my bestie best. Half sentences, or none at all, always. 

*went to Colorado to snowboard with one of my bests & got to stay with my AK best friend (friends had a lot to do with why 2014 was so great!)
*started an intentional yoga practice
*TWALL trip

March & April:
*climbing, camp, yoga, and SUPing

*PUERTO RICO! one of my favorite trips ever
*leading trad again on The Daddy in Linville

June & July:
*actually keeping in touch with friends during summer season
*great staff & keeping in shape for camp

*Colorado/Utah trip! (read: falling in love with Durango & Moab)
*KRAM Fest at HP40 & the sweaty southern bouldering that summer heat & whiskey bring

*the invention of "girl day" while climbing & crying after pitches because I was so happy to be climbing well (also happened again because I was hangry later)

October & November:
*more climbing & hiking than I had done in the last 3 seasons combined, including going to Foster Falls for the first time
*watching the Green Race & hiking in a winter snowy wonderland to get there
*took Steele to Alaska again & we visited Anchorage and Talkeetna. I got to go on a flight - seeing tour through Ruth Gorge & over the Susitna River. 

*Fosters for the second time
*great climbing partners & new climbs done at Steele
*leading my first 10 sport
*awesome night climbing at Steele
*fantastic "see ya later" party with the best friends!

At the end of 2013 & getting my plate removed, I told a friend that 2014 was mine; I'm so glad I said yes & embraced everything that came my way. I had amazing adventures & made lovely and life-long friends during this past year. 2015 has a lot to live up to this year!