those kind of climbing days.

Yesterday was one of those climbing days that ignites everything you love about climbing again. You can't quite put your finger on it, but at the end of the day you're walking down in the dark because you just had to get one more lap on something. 

The day started a little bit later to let the Saturday rain dry off & with a larger group of people. We are incredibly lucky with our crag that on most weekends you're not going to have over 5 cars in the parking area. I had meet most everyone, at least in passing, but had only climbed with two of guys regularly. 

We put up two routes for warm ups/ great first climbs for our new climber that was with us. One of the routes is a route I've gotten on many times & I love those climbs were there's a sense of mastery. I've never been the type of climber where when I've done a climb multiple times that I want to fly up it- my MO is to make it fluid and as effortless as possible. Having that feeling always sends tingles through my body- you're no longer fighting yourself and the rock, it finally feels like a dance. 

After those warm ups, we headed over to one of my favorite areas of our cliffline. I had wanted to lead a route I lead a couple of times before fracturing my arm. Getting over there, we could see it was little wet still but nothing that wouldn't be manageable. I racked up and decided to wait to watch another climb being lead. The second I got my hand into the dihedral though made us realize this climb was not going down. That small amount of water was actual large amounts of seepage inside the climb. 

{It was a mixture of feelings. In all honesty, I am still working at my head space leading on gear again, especially on cracks where I'm going to hang off my skeleton (read: my elbow). While it is as strong as when I started climbing, making my brain actually realize this is a bit hard. I've noticed over the last few weeks I still over compensate with my right arm for my left. It is a habit that I'm working hard to break. Just being self aware & getting into the witness position helps.}

With that climb scratched, we got in a chimney that I had never gotten to climb before - getting on new climbs there are not usual for me. So this was a treat - a new climb AND something wide! I cleaned the pitch and had a grand time doing it. It protected well & definitely a climb I want to lead soon. 

We finished the day/evening! with some TR runs up a couple of climbs. The climbing was amazing and the climbing partners even more awesome! Days like that are those days you live for in climbing and life. Just where everything falls together - you've given your all and there's encouragement all around you.