I hate that word: strong. what bullshit. because we don't cry in public or we have a purpose to serve, we get labeled strong. and then, we are expected to act that way- to answer everyone's questions, to know when not to burden others. to quietly deal with our worst weeks nonchalantly and make them seem like they are nothing. easy to handle- smiles.

I love the word: strong- when it's surrounded by a village. Those saying "yes" with you. Even those times when you are to your knees wondering how you are going to make it. When those people have been put there to make you humble and proud at the same time. To realize how strong you are with a tribe. To step forward and say "yes, I've got this".

I'm nervous about finding my place in the world for this trip. I've accidentally been labeled strong for much too long. I'm stumbling along this life and it's a beautiful journey. I love my tribe.