2015: word of the year

Celebrate (good times! Come on! <- I know you thought it too. Cue Kool & The Gang. *dance*)

But really, I'm making 2015 all about the good times & dance parties. If you know me, I love me some suffering - give me multi-pitch and long approaches any day. I'm going to complain outloud, at least 3 times, and probably cry at some point (usually involves needing a snack), but I love it. Like love love it. Sometimes I feel weird admitting that.

Anyways, I digress, dance parties! I want to make sure I'm not overlooking opportunities to celebrate on my normal days (which will include living the dirtbag lifestyle with an awesome toddler & a large furchild - super normal). I'm getting to leave the stress of a professional (very long, sometimes high intensity, houred) job behind & live an amazingly simple life. I want to make sure I take every moment I can to embrace joy & be present. Logically, there's going to be some rough days & some botched plans but overall I will be getting to live the life I love (pretty sure that's some company's slogan).

So celebrate! I know I may not get to put in large routes with me living with my small tribe in new places. And that's ok. Those routes will be what I'll be training for with all of these smaller adventures. That way when they become available to me, I can say "yes!"

So here's to solar panel twinkle lights, coffee presses, toddler excitement to climb, a pup whose load up command is "adventure". To countless sunsets (and let's be real, sunrises) we will see. To new landscapes. To going without showers. To making new friends and missing the old. To adventure we can't even imagine right now. We will celebrate the hell out of you during 2015. Bring it.