saying "yes"

That has been my motto of 2014- say "yes". Saying yes to the opportunities to adventure, to climb, to get better at a new skill, to take on another project at work. By saying yes, I've gotten more climbing days in this year than the last 3 combined. By saying yes, I got to paddle with friends in Durango. By saying yes, I got to be part of a national focus group at work to make our non-profit better. By saying yes, I got Steele outside in new (to him) states.

So those have been the "easy" yeses. Last week, I was told my job no longer existed because of budget cuts. I live in employee housing (which I'm incredibly grateful we get to finish out 2014 in) so in one fell swoop, Steele and I get to become nomads. I knew instantly I was saying yes to this adventure- the opportunity to travel until either a fantastic job presents itself or we have no more resources to travel.

All of the emotions hit me each day- overwhelmed trying to sell my stuff, sad to leave a large amount of beautiful people that served with their whole beings, nervous to spend a large amount of time with just a toddler and a dog (call me every now and then so I can talk about things, like craft beer and wine ;) ). The emotion that shows up most though is excitement- those butterflies that dance throughout your entire body when you know you're going to have a grand time and can't wait for it to happen. 

This reminder has been taped on my front door for almost a year now. It will go with us in my Jeep. So next time something is setting your heart on fire to follow, why don't you say yes?!