Roadtrip: Durango & Moab Part I

Part I: the drive there

In late July, we needed to take a roadtrip. My heart was super happy to be heading west, and super grateful to have a wonderful friend coming with Steele and I. We spent a little over two weeks in Colorado and Utah, including the time spent driving there and back.

It was the longest Steele had been in a car at one time, so Kaitlyn and I took that into consideration as we planned our route. It is right at 23 hours to drive to Durango and we decided to play it by ear if we would do it in 2 or 3 days. 

We packed accordingly, and we packed well - making sure not to over pack since that just makes it hard to find items. Our two lifesavers: the snack box we made out of a small storage container (with lid) that sat at the passenger's feet and a small tote of some of Steele's favorite toys and books (including straws because he just loves them!) that sat behind the console. Between all of the snacks (everything from dried fruit, to nuts, to jerky), dance parties, and books, we were able to make it all the way past Little Rock, AR before we had to stop to really stretch our legs! 

Because...yay for bananas! He was way more excited about eating and chatting with Kaitlyn to focus for photos. I had made sure to pack his favorites (like bananas) on this part of the trip since I knew it would be easy to pull out and hold off any melt-downs. We walked (read: ran) around the rest stop and then it was back on the road!

When we got back in my Jeep, Kaitlyn drove while I read these! They are fantastic books that I recommend for any climber, and especially those interested in training and self-rescue.

We made it to Red Rock Canyon State Park late that night & set up our tent in the rain. The next morning this kid was all about the tent life! 

We had a great time burning off some energy at the park in the early morning hours and would definitely stay there again! 

We didn't have the greatest cell service in the canyon; and when we got to the gate to pay as we left, Cruise had tried to call us to let us know that DamNation was playing in Durango that night and he could get us tickets. Kaitlyn and I immediately said yes and the GPS put us in Durango right when the doors opened! So, decided: our roadtrip was going to be two days.

The rest of Oklahoma and Texas were a blur of coffee and driving. This was taken somewhere in New Mexico around hour 30 of our roadtrip. The non-stop drive with only a lunch and gas break was gamble with a toddler, but he was a champ (and we were too!). 

Right as the doors opened for DamNation, we rolled in downtown Durango! Steele was fascinated by the salmon - to the point I had to take him downstairs and watch it while wearing him, so he wouldn't keeping yelling "Fish!" and trying to touch them when they came on the screen. He yelled, "bye, bye!" as a dam was blown up to be removed. After the film, we finally made it to the house we were staying at for the next two weeks. 

Such a great two day start to the best roadtrip!
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