Being a Doer

I'm a doer. Give me a problem {yo I solve it, check out my hook} and I'll have multiple solutions in just a few minutes. I'm also a {short-term} planner. I can take a day or a short task and make it mine. 

Where I struggle is longer-range. 4 months, 9 months - really 2 months for some things. And to be really specific, I'm talking diet/training goals. In the job I'm in, I can make a decision and events can changes really fast. Not so in training. Right now, I'm in that lull of motivation. I've actually had really great gym sessions this week but I'm slightly off balance with planning for my weekly overall goals. 

This quote is currently my reset button:
"If January is the month of change, February is the month of lasting change. January is a month filled with the ghosts of failures past. January is for dreamers. February is for doers..." -Runner's World,
January 2014 

I'm a doer. So tomorrow, I'm going to take 10 minutes or a hour and reset myself. February's still got one week left.