30 Before 30

This morning I was reading over at The College Prepster her '25 Before 25' post, and I began reflecting on what I want to accomplish before 30. 

The past couple of years I have written out climbing/training goals and have been setting a 'theme for the year', but {fun} things that push me outside of my comfort zone - well this list will hopefully add some of that to my life. I've got two years (well, really 23 months) to check these off, so I'm putting some big stuff on there. I'm also adding some easier to-dos that I want to accomplish with Steele - I still have the goal to take him to all 50 states before he is 5. (Yes, I realize he won't remember most, but it gets me into the habit traveling with him and makes it easier as he gets older to always include him.)

Ok, so here goes:

1) Climb in Yosemite: my friends are there right now and I couldn't make the trip happen this time. 
2) Use my planner each day: I know, what?! I just talked about climbing across the country and now I'm planning shit. But really, I want to see how much I can accomplish by being organized. I feel much more in control (I know I'm really not) and adding routine to my day will help keep me more level-headed.
3) Get my passport: never had one, never traveled outside of the country
4) Travel outside of the US: I mean, I have to do something with that passport. I'm not going to decide on the country yet. I want to visit everywhere so I'll go where opportunity leads.
5) Pay off my Jeep and student loans: hells yeah! and then decide what to do with all of the money I will then have NOT going to payments (probably will go to this list, let's be for real)
6) Visit Talkeetna, AK: I've (along with Steele for the second trip) gotten to see a few places in Alaska, but Talkeetna is still on my list. Denali is close and I will make visiting during that trip.
7) Go to the TN & GA aquariums: this is a to-do with Steele. I haven't been since I was a kid and know that I would enjoy it too. 
8) Run a 1/2 marathon: I keep saying this, but I have to get behind this one. Someone want to be my training buddy?!
9)  Visit Glacier National Park (Montana): it's beautiful. I want to go there.
10) Go to Bishop (California) and boulder
11) Go back to Holi Fest (Spanish Fork, UT): this is a take Steele. I loved it and the energy at it was crazy
12) Learn how to sew: my mom sews really well, I need to take advantage of her offer to take me.
13) Hike a section of the AT: I know I will never be a thru-hiker. I would love to hike somewhere north of the Mason-Dixon line.
14) Hike a section of the John Muir Trail
15) Be an active volunteer in the SCC: I'm sporadic at best with my involvement right now and want to become much more involved. Personally for me, it would also help extend my climbing network of friends.
16) Actually make stuff from my Pinterest: it is a fantastic resource. I need to utilize it!
17) See the Grand Canyon
18) Take a two week road trip across the country: this is a to-do with Steele
19) Re-read 'A Rock Warriors Way': such a great book for the mental aspect to climbing
20) Go to Birmingham Restaurant Week: we have some amazing chefs in the city and I keep saying that I'm going to go. Next year!
21) Go to Birmingham's Sidewalk Film Festival: again one of those that is always something I should go to
22) Visit NYC: because really everyone should
23) Visit Chicago: again same reason
24) Visit DC: I've got friends that live there and an open invite! I need to take advantage of this!
25) Visit San Fransisco
26) Go to a MS State Football game in Starkville: I haven't been to a home game since I was in college!
27) Have a girls weekend in New Orleans: Jackson Square has my heart.
28) Ice climbing: try it
29) Take a cooking class
30)  Visit Moab: really this is my #1 place I want to go

I have so much more now that I've typed all of these! I'll be so excited to check these off.