another one

hello, 28th year of existence. may you be good to me. allow me to learn, and grow, and struggle some. and love - a big love. allow me to see little hands get bigger and smiles have more teeth. and to have fascinating conversations with fascinating people. {and have a kick ass new year's eve celebration - wherever that may be} i'll be good to you too, 28. "the year of letting go, of understanding loss. grace. of the word ‘no’ and also being able to say ‘you are not kind’. the year of humanity/humility. when the whole world couldn’t get out of bed. everyone i’ve met this year, says the same thing ‘you are so easy to be around, how do you do that?’. the year i broke open and dug out all the rot with own hands. the year i learnt small talk. and how to smile at strangers. the year i understood that i am my best when i reach out and ask ‘do you want to be my friend?’. the year of sugar, everywhere. softness. sweetness. honey honey. the year of being alone, and learning how much i like it. the year of hugging people i don’t know, because i want to know them. the year i made peace and love, right here." - Warsan Shire