Steele Avett: 7 months

Dear sweet love, 
You are quiet possibly the happiest baby ever. Until you're truly upset- then you're a bobcat. You love being a baby dinosaur and making what I can only imagine being the call of a pterodactyl. You are a chunk of a kiddo and already wear 12 month shirts. You steal away the spoon when anyone feeds you and demand to feed yourself; totally awesome until you spill an entire container of food on a chair. But it wiped up easily and you thought it was the funniest thing ever! You love everyone at camp, especially the boys with the beards. I'm pretty sure you know that you'll have one in 12 years or so and you just want to check it out- you mean no harm when you try to rip them out of their faces. The coolest thing I think you've learned: how to put yourself to sleep. You still love to cuddle but for those day time naps, you got the whole going to sleep part on lock. However, in total disclosure, I have sprinted to your room when everything went instantly quiet, only to find you mid-play passed out. You're my favorite (my love for your lashes comes a close second). Love you sweet boy.