My Rest Step

Navigating this new balance for me has gotten better. My job has always pushed my limits and to be absolutely honest, made my transition to motherhood so much easier. I had literally experienced almost every weird situation that having a child could throw at you (again literally sometimes), just with other people's children.

I have found that, just like before becoming a mother, the balance and restfulness come in the simple things. A clean sink, time spent in sunshine, a smile, a piece of dark chocolate with blueberries straight from the freezer (just me? go try it. you're welcome!). I went to a conference a couple years ago from my job and one of the devotions has always stuck with me (maybe because I climb :) ). The devotion talked about the rest step. It's the intentional pause between steps in climbing large mountains, sometimes so quick you can't see it. But you can feel it and it helps conserve energy. Believe me, I'm the queen of multi-tasking, but sometimes we just need to rest step.

I felt that way this weekend. So on Sunday, my climbing day became a rest step. I got to use my Osprey Poco for the first time (I love it so much I'll write an entire post on it soon) and get both Steele and I out in the beautiful weather. I climbed one climb and the remainder of the time was spent basking in the sun with my little boy and watching lovely friends crush some rock. It was my rest step. And it felt wonderful.