This week has been hard. To be honest, I struggled. A lot. The last month has been a whirlwind- I applied and interviewed for job that would have caused a cross-country move that I would have a week tops to complete, found out I didn't get it (more all about that entire thing later), and started our season here.

To understand my job more, I live and work at the same place - a camp. We do school field trips in the late spring semester and all fall, and we are a summer camp in, well the summer. And, I'm the Program Director- meaning I do everything that's day-to-day to make our programs run. I am so lucky to be able to have my little guy with me here and my mom happens to work in the office also. But, just like me, she is starting the busy time of year and her helping during the day is hard to manage.

So this week- this week was the first week I felt thisclose to tears doing this all on my own. Everything all happened at once. I'm not talking just work stuff, throw in sleep regression and teething too. I am so grateful that the staff this semester is all returning and can do lots on their own, but I still need and have to be there at some points, while trying to finish all of my paperwork and interviews during the day. Since now, instead of 5ish of work/personal time when Steele goes down for the night, we are managing two at the most.

I know that this won't be this way forever and that perspective has helped. But really, on those nights when it's happening, knowing that I've just got to get through that night and some sweet texts from friends is what has kept me moving forward. Plus, he's a happy baby once you have his needs meet and I know he won't let me hold him forever.

So this week - this week has been a mixture of letting go, staying on my toes, {almost} tears, laughter and giggles, and perspective. This weekend, however, will be the weekend of naps, slow cleaning, and maybe marking stuff of the to make happen list (or maybe not).

And because he is worth it, an adorable photo one of the girls in the office took of him.