Steele's First Big Adventure

Steele got to go on his first big adventure the first weekend in January.  It was overwhelming. For me, that is (not sure about what the little guy thought - he slept through most of it). 

So much more to pack. So much more time to get ready. So much more to consider. But, I knew all of that going into it. So with having the "much mores" to worry with, I went into it expecting much less. I didn't plan on climbing (I didn't), I knew I would have to focus on him (I did), and I knew I could bail if need be (sort of).  

Our big day was Saturday - we went to visit his namesake, Steele. After some a lot of running around trying to remember everything for him (this is what happens when I don't make lists or pack the night prior), we headed out the door. 

Now that it has been over a month since our first adventure, I am much more at ease with him out and about in the woods and at the crag. He's 7 weeks older and settled himself into a schedule. Our first go at adventuring was consumed with making sure he was feed and clean and warm. All of those still happen, but he is a smiling, giggling not-so-newborn babe now. He easily loves on the entire climbing crew, and they seem to enjoy him right back. I am incredibly grateful we took the plunge early because right now getting out with a 2.5 month old seems like a breeze. 

But that first trip, yeah we bailed early (everyone did - it started to mist). The little and I packed up and out while the guys were still cleaning a route. We were able to make it to the Jeep and get settled by time everyone else made it down. The day ended perfectly - at the local Mexican restaurant, with lovely friends, playing pass the baby so this mama could get her fill of chips and salsa.